My 7DRL Experience

My 7DRL experience

so this is going to be a brief rundown of my week of gamedev. stay tuned for my massive mistake at the end!

so i forgot that the competition was coming up so i didn't really have a plan of anything to make. I still wanted to make something so i thought it would be a good idea to maybe remake my first Roguelike MicRogue. I have been wanting to make a sequel to it and I am using a new engine and it felt look a good project for a week since most of the design was already done.

what i struggled with the most was setting up the entire player movement system. about half way through the week I was able to rebuild the enemy movement system and I realized I could use that system for the player and it would be vert easy, but I didn't have time to  implement it.

some of the ideas I had during development will be reused and a lot had to do with enemy creation. When I add a new enemy I have a dropdown to select whether its cardinal, diagonal, or 8 way movement, and also a checkbox for fireproof.  Probably in the future I would add a simple dropdown for element. setting up these easy variables makes monster creation much better.

on saturday i made my huge mistake. I was working on the winning and set the final floor to 3 instead of 10. meaning the player only has to go to level 3 instead of level 10. This means they completely miss some enemies like the lich and spider.

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