Controls: Mouse only.

Premise: explore the 10 floors of the tower battling deadly foes in this puzzle roguelike

Development log


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launching through the desktop client for windows 10x64 doesn't work. Also, the first time i played, i just kept going down the stairs and it told me i won after several floors. after winning i kept going down the stairs and eventually got to a floor that just spawned 8 red enemies, and one of the floors had one of the red enemies spawn in the wall.

The big knight with a red shield has no death animation. I'm guessing that's because the player can't kill them but spikes can so he just vanishes without particles.

I won after only 2 floors, I'm assuming this isn't intended


No. I uploaded it with the win floor set as 3 and not 10. meaning there are like 3 enemies the player will never see. (Face Palm)

Looks pretty :)

Are you going to turn it into a commercial Android app?


The original is an Android app. This one may follow suit.

Nice one, but i don't understan the movement scheme ... Sometime i can't go down.

It could be nice to have the game teleport [or move] you to the next level without having to move to the stair.

Do you mean down as in tiles? or floor? and is it specifically when you start a level? that is a bug that i missed during dev.

Yes, that's it. I didn't realize it happen only at level start

i've had this happen a couple times at the start of a level:
also, fwiw, i'd gladly pay even $15 for this on my phone, since i got so much out of the first one and it was so cheap

also, there's a bug (not sure how to reproduce it) where after a certain point, the only enemies that spawn in a level are the red ones, even after dying and starting over several times. the last time this happened before i refreshed, one even spawned in the very corner of the level inside a wall.